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When we think about Civic Tech, we usually think of a technology creating a link between citizens and representatives (parties, unions, candidates, ...). 

We have a slightly different approach at Citipo. Our vision is that part of the democracy crisis comes from the difficulties of intermediate actors to properly convey their role and their impact. Citizens don't see how parties, unions or activist organizations represent their interests. 

In this age of short-lived and multi-channels information, it is essential these actors adapt their communication effort to match the new expectations. They need to gather visibility across many channels, convey their messages efficiently and react to news quickly. 

Our goal at Citipo is to help these intermediate actors better accompany citizens. We provide a platform unifying all the necessary tools for such a citizen-centric organization to grow its audience, understand their needs and interests and communicate more regularly and easily on multiple channels (social networks, messaging, emailing etc).  

We work with hundreds of campaigns, elected officials and grassroot movements across Europe to grow communities of engaged citizens at both local and global scale.