The best way to reach a strong appropriation and inclusiveness of the consultations is to involve as many European citizens as possible in the process, millions of Europeans in all the Member States. The stake is to make sure that citizens are included in their diversity, to avoid any bias and ensure everyone feels adequately represented. organizes massive consultations ensuring inclusiveness of all categories of the population: in terms of country of origin, gender, age, socio-professional category. With accessibility: to all populations with disabilities or with low possibilities of mobility. And well-balanced: giving a complementary role of all stakeholders: citizens, civil society experts, EP, and the Member States representatives.

In 2019, launched “WeEuropeans” - the largest online public consultation ever carried out in Europe to give a voice to citizens, listen to their worries and hear their proposals. More than 38 million Europeans were reached ; nearly 2 million participated and submitted more than 30 000 proposals and processed more than 11 million votes. This consultation gave a unique insight of Europeans’ expectations before a crucial election. Today, it’s possible to massively engage citizens all around Europe, and particularly the youth, thanks to this participatory methodology and social media.