European Capital of Democracy

European Capital of Democracy


There’s a European Capital for – almost! – everything. But why not Democracy? It definitely needs the attention and stage light, wouldn’t you agree? 

This thought, shared by Josef Lentsch on a cab ride in Berlin 2019, was the birth hour of our ambitious initiative. Now, it has become a reality. 

A European Capital of Democracy is designated every year, starting with Barcelona in 2023 – as a Europe-wide initiative for strengthening democracy. In cooperation with civil society and citizens, the title-holding city curates, organises, and implements a wide range of activities and events. Visitors from all over Europe are invited to observe and to participate in these efforts. 

 In 2023, 21 cities from 13 countries have become members of the ECoD City Network, including a special partnership with Kyiv (Ukraine). 

 Democracy is our safest bet to protect our planet, restore peace, and secure a safe and prosperous future for us and our children. Become a Citizens’ Juror now and play a crucial role in strengthening and securing Europe’s democratic future!